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Friday, 25 November 2016

The prominent Prophets ﷺ of Almighty Allah

Allah, the Most High, sent down many Prophets for the guidance of mankind from the time of Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , While some of them have been mentioned specifically in the Holy Quran, many others have not figured in it. The Prophets who have been given prominence in the Holy Quran are: Prophet Adam, Prophet Ibrahim ( Abraham),Prophet Idris (Enoch), Prophet Nuh (Noah) Prophet Hud, Prophet Salih, Prophet Ismail , Prophet Ishaaq ( Isaaq) , Prophet Lut (Lot), Prophet Ya’qoob ( Jacob) , Prophet yusuf ( Joseph), Prophet Shu’aib, Prophet Ayyub ( job), Prophet Musa ( Moses) , Prophet Harun ( Aaron), Prophet Dhul Kifl ( Ezekiel), Prophet Dawood (David), Prophet Sulaiman( Solomon), Prophet Zakariya ( Zecharia), Prphet Yahya ( john) , Prophet Isa ( Jesus Christ) and the leader of all Prophets Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ 

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