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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Do Muslims worship Muhammad ﷺ, Is this true?

Muslims do not worship Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in any way. We believe that he was the last messenger, the leader of all the Prophets, sent by Almighty Allah ﷻ like all his other Prophets and Messengers. However, some people mistakenly assume that Muslims worship Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , like Jesus, never claimed a divine status. He called people to worship Almighty Allah ﷻ alone. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ always referred himself as “Allah’s servant and messenger”
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was chosen to be Almighty Allah’s final messenger and to communicate His message to us, not only in words, but also in deeds as a living example of its practical application. Muslims love and respect him because of his impeccable and upright moral character and because he perfectly conveyed the truth from Almighty Allah and because he is the beloved, chosen and loved by Allah , the Most wise-which indeed is the pure monotheism of Islam.

Muslims strive to follow the ideal and great example of the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, but do not worship him in any way. Islam teaches Muslims to love and respect all of Almighty Allah’s Prophets and messengers. However respecting and loving them does not mean worshiping them. There is a distinct difference between respect and worship. Muslims know that all worship must be directed to Almighty Allah ﷻ alone.

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