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How It Works:

Online learning is not a new concept. There are hundreds of universities, colleges and entities that are providing online education. We have been teaching since January 2008. Hundreds of adults and children have successfully learned and learning to read Quran from our qualified Live tutors. Parents have been pleased with our service and tutors.
Online Qruan learning have made it all very easy for you. Click on registration fill in student's details such as name, contact, email address, guardian details and the time you want to learn on and press the submit button. A member of our staff will contact you via email or telephone to confirm the timing and will help you with software requirements. We are open 24 hours a day in all time zones. This enable us to be flexible in timing and in most cases you can get the time which suites you.

At a pre-agreed time, teacher and student come online. With the help of Internet based software, they talk to each other and through computer and a screen sharing software they can see the same lesson on their computer screen as there teacher during the class. Teacher can highlight letters and words of the Quran to enhance the understanding of the student.

Software / hardware requirement :

  • A personal computer / laptop .
  • A broadband Internet connection DSL / Cable.
  • Headphones with microphone to communicate live with teacher.
  • Skype for voice conversation, Click Here to download for FREE
  • Web-conferencing software will be provided when you will start your Quran learning / reading classes.
  • Before you start regular classes Sign up for 3 days Free Trial Classes

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