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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How should a woman observe veil in her in-laws’ house?

Woman must be careful to observe veil with her brothers-in-law.Al- Bukhari states that Sayyiduna ‘Uqbah Bin Amir narrated, The Prophet of mankind, the Peace of our heart and mind, the most Generous and Kind (PBUH) said,

 ‘Avoid women’. One man asked, ‘Ya Rasulallah! What about the brother-in-law?’ He (PBUH)
answered, ‘The brother-in-law is death.’ (Ra3i3 Bukhari, vol. 3, pp. 472,  hadiš 5232)

A brother-in-law confronting his sister-in-law is like the one confronting death because there is a higher risk of indecency here.Mufti-e-A’am Pakistan, Waqar-e-Millat, Maulana Waqaruddin says,

‘It is necessary for her to observe ‘veil’ excluding her face, palms, heels, feet and ankles; with all men that are non-Mahram); she should also avoid revealing her beauty, jewelry and dress to them.’ (Waqar-ul-Fatawa, vol. 3, pp. 101)

One narration states, ‘If any man casts a lustful glance at the beauty of a non-Mahram woman, then on the Day of Judgement, molten lead will be poured into his eyes’. (Hidayah, vol. 2, pp. 368)

One’s sister-in-law is definitely a non-Mahram woman. Any brother in-law who has deliberately and lustfully been looking at, behaving casually towards, or joking around with his sister-in-law, must fear Divine punishment and instantly repent without delaying a single Millisecond. If a woman refers to her brother-in-law as ‘younger brother’ or ‘older brother’ then this does not make it permissible for them to see each other and have an informal relationship. In fact, this kind of informal chit-chat removes any formalities and brings them close, which results in the brother-in-law and sister-in-law falling even deeper into the ditch of sins, such as looking at each other, casual behavior, joking, laughing etc. Informal conversation between a woman and her brother-in-law sounds a constant alarm signifying extreme danger.May Allah make these words penetrate the heart. Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law must be very careful. A sacred Hadiš states Eyes fornicate.(Musnad Imam A3mad Bin  anbal, vol. 3, pp. 305,  adiš 8852)

Anyhow, if it is difficult for a woman to observe veil with close non-Mahram relatives whilst living in the same house, then she is allowed to reveal her face but she must strictly avoid wearing thin clothes which reveal the colour of her hair, skin etc. or clothes which are so

tight that the shapes of her body-parts and those of the raised parts of the chest get revealed.

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