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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Health benefits of Miswak

1.    According to the research of a well known American company, for removing the harmful bacteria, Miswak has 20% more capability than any other method.

2.    According to one research of some Sweden scientists, the bristles of Miswak remove bacteria without touching them and protects the teeth from many diseases.

3.    It has been mentioned in the published research of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that if Miswak is used properly, it is an excellent way of cleansing the teeth and mouth; moreover, it is a source of strengthening the gums.

4.    According to one research, those people who are habitual of Miswak have fewer complaints about gums bleeding.

5.    A conference held in Atlanta, America in relation to teeth, It was mentioned there that there are such substances in Miswak that protect the teeth from weakness, and Miswak is more beneficial than all medications used for cleaning teeth.

6.    Miswak removes the layers of plaque on teeth. Miswak protects teeth from breaking or cracking.

7.    Such patients of persistent cold and flu unable to exclude phlegm, if they use Miswak, the phlegm excludes; thus they feel lighter.

8.    It is proven from the experience and research of pathologists that Miswak is an excellent cure for persistent cold.

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