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Saturday, 6 May 2017

What should I advise to my daughter at the time of Rukhsati ( Sending daughter to groom's house)

Only if every mother reminds her daughter at the time of her Rukhsati ( sending her to groom’s house) of  that sayyidatuna sma Bint-e-Khadija fazari (R.A) blessed her daughter with at the time of her Rukhsati. These Madni pearls are as follows:
“Oh daughter , you are leaving the house in which you were born and going to such a place ( your husband’s house) that you are not familiar with. Furthermore, you are going to such a companion ( husband) that you are not well familiarized with.

  • ·    Become earth for him. He will become your sky.
  • ·    Become his bed, he will become you pillar.
  • ·    Become his slave-girl , he will become your slave.
  • ·    Do not stick to him like a blanket that he pushes you away from himself.
  • ·    Do not be distanced away from him so much that he forgets you.
  • ·    If he comes close to you, then go close to him. If he stays back, then you too stay back.
  • ·   Protect his nose, ears and eyes ( meaning every kind of secret) that he only sniffs your fragrance (                                      meaning finds safeguarding of secrets and loyalty in you.)
  • ·    He should only listen good from you and sees you doing good only. ( Ihya-ul-Uloom, Vol.2, pp. 75)

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