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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Permissible Animals for sacrificial at Eid ul Azha

1.The minimum sacrificial animal is a ewe. 
2.[The sacrificial animal] is of three types : camel, cow and sheep.
3. A thaniyy , or better, of [any of] these suffices, except for the sheep, of which a jadha`  suffices. 

4.[The following are] not permissible as sacrificial animals: 

  • [An animal] with severed ears, or the major part severed,
  • [An animal] with a severed tail, arm or leg,
  • [An animal] whose eyesight is gone,
  • An emaciated animal,
  • A lame animal, such as cannot walk to the place of sacrifice.

5.A ewe is permissible for everything, except in two cases:  One who performed the Tawaf of Visiting with janabah, and One who had sexual intercourse after the Standing at `Arafah In these two cases, only a she-camel suffices. 
6.A she-camel and cow each suffice for seven [people], if each one of the partners intends devotion.  So, if one of them intended [only to  obtain]  meat through his share, it does not suffice the remaining [six].

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