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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Things that Break the Fast and require Makeup

 1.If he ejaculated on account of a kiss or touch, then make-up is due upon him. There is no harm in kissing if he feels himself safe, but it is disliked if he does not feel safe.
2.Makeup is due, but not expiation, for someone who had intercourse in other than the private parts and ejaculated.
3. If one deliberately made himself vomit a mouthful then makeup is due upon him.
4. The fast of someone who swallows pebbles or iron is broken.
5. Whoever had an anal enema, or applied nose-drops, or eardrops, or treated a torn belly or a skull-fracture with medicine such that it reached his body cavity or his brain, his fast is broken.

6. If someone had suhur thinking the dawn had not [yet] risen, or broke his fast thinking the sun had set, and then it turned out that the dawn had risen, or that the sun had not set, makes up that day, but there is no expiation due on him.
7.Someone who lost consciousness in Ramadan does not make up the day on which the loss of consciousness occurred, but he makes up that which came after it.

8.    If an insane person regained sanity with part of Ramadan [remaining], he makes up what passed of it.
9. If a woman menstruates, she stops fasting and makes up [fasting for the days of menstruation].
10.Whoever enters into an optional fast, or an optional prayer, and then spoils it, makes it up.

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