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Thursday, 2 February 2017

SADAQAT AL-FITR (Obligation)

1.Sadaqat al-Fitr is wajib on the free Muslim, if he is in possession of the quantity of nisab in excess of his dwelling,  clothing, furnishings, horse, weapons and service slaves. 
2. He gives it out on behalf of himself, his minor children and his slaves. He does not pay [it] on behalf of his wife, nor his adult children, even if they are in his household. He does not give it out on behalf of his mukatib, nor his slaves  [who were acquired] for trade. There is no fitrah due on either of the two [masters] of a slave [co-owned] between two partners. A Muslim master pays the fitrah on behalf of his unbelieving slave. 
3. The obligation of the fitrah is attached to the rise of the dawn on the Day of [`Id al-] Fitr.  So, whoever dies before that, his fitrah has not become wajib.  Whoever accepts Islam, or is born, after the rise of the dawn, his fitrah has not become  wajib.

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