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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Obligation of Zakat

1. Zakat is obligatory on

  1. The free, adult sane Muslim,
  2. when he possesses the nisab with complete possession, and
  3. a [lunar] year has passed over it.

  • There is no zakat [obligatory] upon a child, nor an insane person,
  • nor a mukatib.
  • There is no zakat [obligatory] upon anyone who has a [due] debt
  • encompassing his money. But, if his money is more than the debt,
  • he pays zakat on the excess if it reaches nisab.
  • If one advance-pays the zakat before the year [has passed over it],
  • and he possesses nisab, it is valid.
  • If wealth is destroyed after the obligation of zakat [has become
  • due], it is waived.

2. [Zakat due (in various proportions) on : gold silver cash trade goods freely-grazing livestock kept for milk, breeding or fattening : camels, cows, sheep and goats. produce (excluding firewood and grass)buried treasures and metals.]

There is no zakat [obligatory] on:

  • residential homes,
  • body clothes,
  • household furniture,
  • riding-beasts,
  • slaves in service,
  • weapons of use.

3. It is not valid to offer zakat without an intention coinciding with the payment, or coinciding with the setting-aside of the obligatory portion. One who gave all of his wealth in charity, without intending zakat, its obligation is waived from him.

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