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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Wajib Acts in Hajj

1. Standing at Muzdalifah, for at least a moment after dawn on the 10th of Dhu’l-Hijjah.
2. Sa`y (Running between Safa and Marwah)
3. Pelting the Jamarat
4. Tawaf of Leaving, for other than menstruating women and the residents of Makkah.
5. Cutting or shaving the hair of the head within the Haram, within the Days of Immolation.
6. Not delaying ihram beyond the miqat.
7. Keeping away from transgressions of the ihram (sexual intercourse after the Standing, wearing sewn garments, covering the head and/or face).
8. Prolonging the Standing at `Arafah until after sunset and after the imam has begun issuing forth.
9. Delaying Maghrib and `Isha’ until Muzdalifah
10. Not delaying the Tawaf of Visiting beyond the Days of Immolation.
11. Beginning tawaf from the Black Stone.
12. Performing tawaf counter-clockwise.
13. Performing tawaf around the hatim.
14. Walking in tawaf, for one who has no excuse.
15. Being in a state of purity during tawaf.
16. Covering the nakedness during tawaf.
17. Performing two rak`ah after tawaf.
18. Beginning Sa`y from Safa
19. Walking in Sa`y, for one who has no excuse.
20. Performing Sa`y after a valid Tawaf
21. Slaughtering a ewe, for one performing tamattu` or qiran.
22. Maintaining the order between pelting, slaughtering and cutting hair.

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