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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The behaviour with a person to whome sadqah is given.

Islam places the respect of a Muslim that after assisting and helping any Muslim brother in need, one should not disclose any favour done to him by teasing or taunting which obviously causes him grief rather he should respect his Muslim brother’s self-esteem and honour. By giving Sadaqah and charity, it does not privilege one to tarnish the honour of a deserving Muslim by keep on reminding him of any favour. It would have been better to refrain from giving such a Sadaqah and instead give some kind words, or express regret for not being able to help him or send him to somebody else.

This is a lesson for those who initially get overwhelmed and immediately help the needy person but afterwards they taunt, tease and insult them in such a manner that whenever they get angry they begin disclosing the favours that they had carried out; such as:

1.Until yesterday he was just a beggar, begging for a living and I used to feed him. Today he gives me an angry look.

2.When his mother was suffering and dying in the hospital,I came to their assistance.

3. I arranged his daughter’s wedding, and now he has forgotten all my favours, he is very ungrateful etc.Remember! This behaviour will lead to a total loss, because you have already spent your wealth, so, don’t lose your reward by taunting and disclosing your favours. As it is stated in the following blessed verse

"O people who believe! Do not invalidate your charity by expressing favour and causing hurt (to recipient)."

Commenting on aforementioned blessed verse, Sayyiduna Abul Barakaat ‘Abdullah Bin Ahmad Bin Mahmood Nasafi  (passed away in 710 Hijri) has stated: As the hypocrite does not aim to seek the Divine pleasure, he squanders his wealth by spending whilst showing off & ostentation, in the same way you do not waste the rewards of your Sadaqat by exposing your favours to others and hurting the feelings of the recipient. 

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