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Monday, 21 November 2016

Does Sadaqah reduce wealth?

 Spending in the way of Allah, causes an increase in wealth, not a decrease as it is stated in blessed
Hadees: ‘ 

                                   Sadaqah does not cause reduction in wealth.

Commenting on aforementioned blessed Hadees, the renowned commentator, Hakeem-ul-Ummat, Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan has􀀃stated: The one, who pays Zakah, will find his Zakah increasing each year. It is a fact that the farmer who disperses all his grain over the field, apparently he returns with
empty sacks of grain but in fact, he fills them in abundance. However, the grains stockpiled in sacks at homes deteriorate due to attack by weevils or mice etc. Or it implies that the wealth spent as a Sadaqah in the way of Allah will result in increasing and continue growing. When you keep filling up a well, the volume will keep on increasing.

We have learnt that anything spent in the way of Allah is never a loss. The spender not only is entitled to his due reward in the Hereafter, but sometimes he also gets increase in his wealth in this world together with an immediate replacement as a recompense as well.

Sayyiduna Imam Yaafi’i quotes a parable in Raud-ur-Riyaheen: Once a beggar came to the door of Sayyiduna Habib ‘Ajami  The noble wife of Sayyiduna Habib ‘Ajami had gone to get fire from the neighbour in order to bake bread from the flour that she had already kneaded. Sayyiduna Habib ‘Ajami took that flour and handed it over to beggar. When his noble wife returned with the fire, she found the kneaded flour missing. Sayyiduna Habib ‘Ajami 
 commented that it was taken to be baked. At insistence, Sayyiduna Habib ‘Ajami disclosed his act of charity. She replied, ‘ 

! This is an excellent act of gracious kindness but we also in need of something to eat.’

Shortly after, a person appeared bringing a big bowl full of meat and bread. She said, ‘Look, how quickly you got a return. Not only is the bread baked, in addition, mutton with gravy
was also sent.’ May Allah have mercy on them and forgive us without
accountability for their sake!

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